Thursday, March 21, 2013

March - Week 1

Linda's water colour class

The cold continued this week, with added rain.  Ugh!  So when it was at it’s worse we escaped from the outside and went “in,” heading off to Mangoes for a wonderful coconut shrimp dinner with Margo and Dennis from Pizzazz--their treat--even better!!  Dennis was having trouble with his engine--so he thought--very sluggish, and they were preparing themselves to spend thousands on an overhaul until Vince showed up.  He donned diving gear and inspected their prop which was covered with several inches of barnacles and other nasty growth.  After spending the better part of an hour cleaning it off for them, the engine roared to life once again and they were most grateful.  So that was added cause for our celebration at Mangoes.  

We “holed up” during the worst of the weather this week with DVD’s lent to us by other cruisers and enjoyed watching “Argo” and “Impossible”.  We also viewed lots of home renovation programs on HGTV--a perverse activity that I’m addicted too.  I think in my next life I’ll come back as an architect or building contractor instead of a teacher!  It’s something that Vince and I always seem to be involved in each summer of our life together.  The cold fronts finally left us towards the end of the week and the sun came out once again along with seasonal temperatures just in time for this years RMHYC Arts and Craft Show.

We began “set up” for the show March 6th and it was a lot fun getting everything ready for the big event.  That night, Ellen and Woody on “Double SS” invited us over for dinner with Sue and Ron on TK3 and we all spent a wonderful evening together in anticipation of the next day.  This years “show” ended up being the best yet! The displays were marvellous, we had hundreds of spectators, the bar was open all afternoon and everyone spent a great afternoon viewing the art, talking to the exhibitors, and enjoying their drinks in the sunshine on the terrace outside the venue. One whole wall was covered with the lovely water colours that my “students” had produced this year and both Susan and I were interviewed about the event and our parts in making it happen, by a reporter from the “Abaconian,” the Island newspaper.   After the show we all went over to Anglers where they had prepared a “special dinner” for the club as the final climax to a memorable day.  

Class work displayed at RMHYC craft show

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