Thursday, March 21, 2013

February - Week 4

I have been really “bad” at keeping up this blog.  Because even though it “says” Week4, it’s actually March 21st today!!  We have been SO busy having fun and doing things that I’ve completely neglected my writing. So--I can either write a very long blog describing many events that happened over the past 4 weeks, or actually try to write 4 individual blogs from memory.  I will attempt the latter, but they will be uncharacteristically short.  So here goes:

After we left Legacy we returned to Boat Harbour just in time for “Fish Tasting!”  The RMHYC “fleet” had been out in full force and were so successful that the days haul was BBQ’ed up for the whole club to enjoy.  We all brought hors d’oeuvres and drinks up to the tent at dock 5 and spend a wonderful few hours together eating fish and getting smashed.  And the next day, with sanity prevailing once again, it was all about walking, water aerobics, mahjongg and bocci.  On the 26th we attended the annual club outing for “Meatloaf Dinner at Jamies”--a local Bahamian dive with great food at reasonable prices.  We should’ve asked for “doggie bags” and split up our meal, but we didn’t think of that until it was too late and we were completely stuffed with meatloat, mac ‘n cheese,  peas ‘n rice, salad and too much drink.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.  The next day there was more Mahjongg, Bocci and cocktails at 5.  And then Legacy showed up again.  They had guests arriving from Kansas City and we all spent some time together at the Abaco Beach Resort the first day they were here.  Unfortunately, I think they brought the horribly cold northern weather with them and we actually had to wear long-sleeved tops or jackets for the next few days.  It wasn’t actually all that cold--maybe high 60’s.  But there were overcast skies and howling winds that made it feel much worse.  The weather here this year has been really strange--but still much better than if we were either back home or anywhere else in the USA so we’re not complaining.  And we have all the comforts of home here on the boat  plus we are surrounded by good friends.  When it comes right down to it, at this time in our lives it’s all about health, comfort and friends. And this year, at Boat Harbour in the Bahamas, we are blessed to have all three.

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