Thursday, March 21, 2013

March - Week 2

Cheer leaders at bocce ball finals

This week was for us the culmination of all wonderful things.  It began with two special events for the both of us.  Bocci season came to an end and Vince was involved organizing the final playoff day that ended up involving most of the club.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  The sun was shining, the temperature “just right” for an afternoon out of doors and spectators turned up in droves to enjoy the fun.  Brian from “Roving Seas” made punch all afternoon which was served “free of charge” to everyone.  And at the end, when the prizes of two bottles of rum were presented to this years tournament winners, they were empty--the crowd having drunk everything they could lay their hands on.  What a hoot!  The old girls even showed up as cheerleaders with home-made red “pom-poms”!  It was a very memorable afternoon and deeply satisfying for Vince who was instrumental in organizing  Bocci this season.

The next day was my day to be happiest.  I had been playing bridge with the club group this year and was invited by Brenda from the yacht “Brenda J” to accompany her to a bridge year end luncheon at the Jib Room.  This in itself was something I was looking forward to doing, but it ended up actually being something else entirely--and so much more wonderful.  Because when we arrived, I was stunned to find the place filled with over 30 friends--most of them club members I had taught to paint-- all shouting  “SURPRISE!!” when we walked in.  It was a special luncheon held in my honour for teaching water colour again this year!  After our lunch there was a presentation of a gift certificate of dinners at “Wally’s” restaurant--my favourite place, photographs and lots of good wishes from many friends.  They had also arranged for a picture album of photos taken this year during the classes, to be sent to my home so I’m really looking forward to getting back and seeing that.  And I will treasure it always--something to look through and “remember” when I eventually get to an old age home.  

The next day I met with Fran (Tourelou) and Diane (Minden) for more water colour lessons and that was the day that I finally decided to start my own painting.  I haven’t actually done a painting myself for more than 35 years, so this was a real break through for me.  The week ended with another celebration:  “Margarita Madness” on the beach.

190 tickets were sold to this event and the beach at Boat Harbour and when we arrived the venue was already filled with cruisers and “dirt dwellers” having a good time.  The fun began at 3:30 with an open bar in the thatched Tiki Hut serving unlimited free liqour, wine and margaritas.  I downed 3 glasses of Pinot in quick succession and after that was a VERY happy camper for several hours, just sitting back comfortably with friends and enjoying watching everything unfold all around me.  There were silly games on the beach--water balloon tosses and sand skiing--and a simple dinner of hamburgers, sausages, cole slaw, potato salad and gigantic cookies afterwards.  When the sun went down a huge bonfire was lit on the sand and there were s’mores and even more fun.  I left early however.  After the meal and all of that wine, I wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed--still very happy.  Vince stayed for the bonfire and joined me a few hours later.  This was a really great week.

Standing room only at bocce finals

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